Our first cheese Advent calendar!

Our first cheese Advent calendar!

We are delighted to announce the launch of our Advent calendar 🎅

In partnership with our Creusoise dairy, La Laiterie de la Voueize, discover a wide range of traditional Auvergne cheeses (AOP, artisanal) from both La Laiterie de la Voueize and our own collection, whether they are made with raw milk, thermized, or pasteurized.

Our cheeses are crafted from cow's milk 🐮, goat's milk 🐐, and even sheep's milk 🐑, with some being crowned world champions! 🥇

The calendar comes with a booklet where you'll find the secrets of crafting our selection of cheeses, along with suggestions for cheese and wine (or other) pairings! 🍾 Moreover, a little surprise will be tucked into your calendar... 🤫🎁

Available exclusively at our factory stores.