Another Gold Medal

Another Gold Medal

A new Gold Medal for our Saint-Nectaire at the 2024 Lyon International Competition. 🥇

After sweeping half of the awards for Farmhouse Saint-Nectaire at the 2023 Lyon International Competition, it's a repeat performance in 2024! Our Saint-Nectaire has shone with a Gold Medal and a Silver Medal at the 2024 Lyon International Competition.

Pierre Dischamp states, "A coincidence? Clearly not. It is indeed the result of work carried out over several generations, as well as that of our master cheese affineurs who daily care for these precious cheeses."

In two years, we have received 5 medals from two juries of Best French Cheese Makers, and we are very proud of this achievement.

Congratulations to our producers and our master affineurs! 🎉